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Berkeny Sámuel, coloring book from Veszprém

Cityscapes 1817-18 from coloring books. Holly's John Samuel was born in Veszprém, 1765. He worked at the Esterházy family nevelősködő Greek Demeter workshop, the Military and Other Notable Stories, Newsletter of the Hungarian and Greek Demeter County atlas rajzolójaként. He studied at the Vienna Thurs Kgs. Unified Academy of Fine Arts graduated, he studied engraving. Cartographer worked primarily in Vienna. Her name is linked to about a hundred and fifty signal map. The map of Wallachia, he was proud of consciousness by "drawn and engraved by John Noble rowan Veszprém Fi Bets 1791". On several occasions he visited his homeland. In 1816 he settled in Bratislava. He died in 1822. Vedutas Veszprém LACZKÓ Desi Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts was Veszprémről precious works of art.




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